Bldgblox Architectural Visualization | Process
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Let's Get Started:

Your project begins with a discussion about what you're trying to visualize; a single room, a single home, a large scale development, etc. After we discuss the particulars about your project, we can then go over the options for output: a rendering, an animation, a 360 Panotour, etc. We deliver all of our client assets digitally whether its a file for print, an animation for web or sales kiosk or a Panotour for mobile.

Project Information

Everything that we visualize is based on client-supplied information. Design documents, interior design specifications, landscape planting plans; all of these pieces of information become our plan for building your project in 3d. Sometimes you have all of these things already in hand when you're looking for a visualization vendor, sometimes these pieces of info are not yet drawn or specified. In either case, we'll work with you to fill in the blanks & come up with a path to move forward & start seeing your vision unfold.

Project Type & Scope

Now that we've discussed the details & ready at hand information about your project, we'll settle on the type of assets to create; renderings, animations or Panotours & the scope for each. We'll give you a timeline for stages of progress & deliverables. Using cloud based tools we'll give you a place to check our progress & give us your feedback. We'll go through a specified number of iterations to make sure you're completely happy with our work and when your project is complete we'll upload all of your digital assets.

Our Approach

Our Story

Next Steps...

Contact us to discuss your next project.